The City of Ottawa told us, based on our zoning, that we could build up to 55 square metres and as high as 4.5 metres (measured from ground level to the midpoint of the roof).

That’s huge. We decided to go big and work with a design that used the maximum dimensions.

Ryan warned us that there would probably be a lot of back-and-forth about designs. Got that right.

He sent us dozens of renderings of possible designs.

Flat Roof Shed 1 Bin Enclosure Shed 4 - 1 Lounger Shed 2.0 Retro Shed4 Rosevelt Backyard Office 4 view 2 Sleek Window Shed 1 - 2 Slide Shed 5 241 Patricia 2 Augmented Roof 2 14B Morris St Shed 2

We sorted through them and finally decided to use this design as a starting point:

Visor Window Shed 2

We sent back and forth with more modifications, with lots of discussion about the size of the windows and doors. Finally, we end up with this:

Bifold Window Shed 2

But then, after thinking about it for a few days, we realized we modified the design so much that it now looked boring and completely unlike the modern and creative design we were looking for.

We started over again. More back and forth by email and, finally, a design we all loved — now nicknamed the Mustard House or the Lemon Castle. It would have narrow front deck and sliding barn doors on one side to give access to a storage space to keep bikes and garden tools.


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