Ferndale Ave Framing Schematics 7

Now that we had a design, it was time to get a building permit. One of our neighbours had built her backyard shed without a permit but we knew that, with all the development in Westboro, chances are somebody would ask about ours.

Also, the neighbour to the south of our property was embroilled in a battle with the Ontario Municipal Board to get approval for the two four-storey monster homes he wanted to build.  Our shed right next to his lot was was going to get his attention so we wanted to be bullet-proof he challenged us.

We took our drawings down to the City of Ottawa to apply for permission to build what the city calls an “accessory building.” We had to make clear this was for a backyard office and was not a home someone would live in.

On the first try, we were told no-go. We needed more detailed drawings, site plans, cut-aways of the walls, a map of the concrete piers that would support the building and detailed specifications of insulation and and LVL beams we’d use.

Finally, joy. The city approved our revised plans.  Work could begin.

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